It’s 2:17PM on Monday, yes, our update days, and here’s where I’m at with today’s “Chickens” page. So you are asking, “Are we going to get a new page with crisp winter monday?” And I say, “Yes, you are. Unfortunately, it will be posted later this evening.” So please bear with us. Due to circumstances I will not get into, both Sam and myself are a little behind the eightball. To be honest, it’s fun like this. Cheap thrills! We love em’. So I’ll be here in San Francisco this afternoon, finishing this page. To paraphrase William Gibson from the cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer, “the sky is the color of television static.” That is San Francisco.

This little cutie-pie here is a sneak peak at one of the new pages that Sam is working on. He has a bunch of preview pics of new “Chickens” pages and how he actually draws them on his TROUT-A-VERSE blog.

Sam also has some more progress pics of this little bastard of painting between him and myself.

Plus cool shit like this. Now…back to work.