I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, but Sam and I trade paintings. He’ll start one, or I will, then we’ll pass it to the other to finish. I even finished up a painting that I incorporated into one of our future “Chickens” strips. Speaking of which, remember, NEW COMIC MONDAY MORNING!

Until then, here is a painting I started, that Sam is currently finishing up. This is the basic timeline below, I am missing a couple of “progress shots” in the middle, but you get the idea. I had no intention of showing any of this, but Sam insisted.

This is not really the start of this piece, I had already started something in watercolor and ballpoint under this. What we have here is the first pass with oil paint. This wasn’t a piece meant for Sam, but somehow it became his.


A few versions later. It did not occur to me to photograph those other inbetween stages. It’s not typical for me to document my work. By this point, gouache, acrylic, markers, colored pencils and inks were all added over the initial oil layers. A big “No, no,” in the art world. It causes paintings to become highly unstable and explosive over time.

I showed this version to Rick Berry. He hated it.

Where it was right before I passed it to Sam. Maybe we’ll make Fridays “WIP Day” or something…