Here it is. I’m very excited to present to you all my new webcomic collaboration with Sam Kieth! Both Sam and myself have been talking about collaborating on a project for a couple of years now. We have traded a few paintings, and we’ve been working on those, (I’ve even finished one piece that I’ve incorporated to one of our future “Chickens” strips).

The comic was born out of a casual phone conversation one afternoon. We were probably both raging about how art is stupid and everybody sucks…typical artist talk, and for some reason, I don’t remember why, I half-assed threw out the idea of a webcomic. You see, I’ve been wanting to do a comic with Sam for quite a while. I probably thought this would be a good way to get that started. I took the idea from an art teacher I had when I was a teenager, Bill Koeb. As a way of introducing everybody to each other, he started at one end of the room with a sheet of paper, asked the first person to draw one panel, then pass it to the next person, and they would draw their panel based on the one before, then he/she would pass it down, and so on.

So I put that on the table, thinking that since we’re both always tied up with something, we can do a strip just like that. In Sam’s free time, he freestyles a page, then I take what he does, then I would freestyle something that continues the story. I’m a fan of spontaneous storytelling. I used to love some of Moebius’ straight pen to paper comics, so I thought why the hell not!

So here it is. We’re rocking shit out. It might be total nonsense, it might not be. It’s an experiment, and we don’t owe you shit!