This is all Jon’s fault. He not only got me re-pinspired about posting again… but I’d been wanting to do something with him for years, since we met many years ago at a gallery in sacramento. We talked about collaborating on some paintings, or a comic.. but this is what it finally became – -an online web-comic-story. The rules are simple. One writes and draws a handful of pages… the other picks up and takes it where the other left off, going where ever the want. I know it sounds chaotic, and may lead to a dead end, but… for both of us.. it’s hopefully an exorcize in experimentation and creative rejuvenation. Of just foolish fun. And juxtaposition.

The point is the obvious difference in our styles, and how we do, or don’t.. mesh as artists and storytellers. We won’t always, but it’s interesting trying. Actually i’m surprised how well it is flowing together so far. We’re a few pages ahead, so it’s still unfolding for us. Will we peter out? Lose steam? Get bored and quit? Or will we manage to tie all the lose threads into something… say… more organized than the last 20 issues of the Maxx?

Surely even *we* can make more sense than that!

Either way – it’ll be fun trying! And I can’t think of anyone more able to kick my butt into challenging me to do better art, than Jon.